Brexit news: Labour MEP mocks UK as EU laughs at Brexit – ‘they want Harry Potter’ | Politics | News

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Richard Corbett had the EU Parliament in stitches when he suggested the Tories were considering “wizardry” to negotiate the Irish border post-Brexit.

Speaking during a plenary session in Strasbourg today, Mr Corbett said: “The customs union also is a vital question when it comes to the Northern Ireland border.

“All of us are waiting with bated breath to hear how you can turn that border into a customs border but not have any customs controls.

“How can you do it, how can it be done? Electronically?

“All these nice wizardry things… I think they want to send Harry Potter to find out some solution to this border.” 

His attack on the UK recieved laughs and a raptrous round of applause from members of the parliament, including EU Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt who looked smug. 

The Labour MEP said the UK should not be “suprised” by the EU’s recent draft Brexit solution because the nation’s position remains “ambiguous”. 

He said: “The emerging position of the EU 27 and resolution cannot be a surprise to the UK government. They have responded to the ambiguities and contradictions in the UK’s government position.

“The biggest ambiguity of all is the idea you can have frictionless trade with the rest of Europe while leaving the customs union and single market.

“The single market and customs union are precisely the tools in which our countries have frictionless trade across Europe. You can’t walk out for them, abandon them and still have frictionless trade.” 

During his furious tirade, Mr Corbett said he feared “deadlock” in Brexit negotiations if the UK continues to be led by a “divided” government with no majority under Mrs May. 

He added: “It is time for a change within Britain if these issues are going to be properly addressed.” 

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