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A cruise has the potential to be one of the best value for money holidays around, with everything you need within walking distance from your bedroom door.

However, navigating the minefield of information before your journey can be a challenge.

Everything from onboard photos and day excursions to leisure activities and introduction courses could make for an incredible experience but the end bill could prove a nasty shock.

Cruise experts have revealed the savvy tricks of the trade that could save you hundreds.

Do your research

Like the majority of deals, hidden costs and charges can often occur when booking a cruise so it’s important to read through all of the small print.

Cruises are renowned for their all-inclusive packages and deals, so look out for these ahead of booking. 

Wendy Atkin-Smith from Viking told the “Don’t book with a cruise line that charges extra for things like Wi-Fi, excursions, and drinks with meals onboard.”

Adam Coulter, from Cruise Critic, added: “Internet packages are absolutely the best way to get the most minutes for the least amount of money. Oftentimes this type of add-on value can actually save you more than just that lowest fare.”

Pay upfront

A Cruise Critic travel member advised all passengers, first timers or not, should opt to pay upfront. Pre-booking spa treatments and evening meals will allow you to keep track of your onboard spending.

If you know you’ll want that fine dining meal on your first night, arrange this when you make your initial booking and you may even manage to grab a good deal.

Don’t delay when booking

Cruise consultant for ROL Cruise, Stacy Day advises first-timers not to delay making their booking.

“Don’t hesitate to make a booking”, said Stacy. “If you are considering your very first cruise, early booking is advisable. 

“By doing so, you have the best choice of cabins available so you can make the selection based on your preferences, rather than selecting from what’s left closer to the departure date.”

Take advantage of freebies

The majority of cruises offer buffet breakfast, this is food that you have already paid for so stock up and pack your own lunches.

According to Popsugar, a lot of cruises have free treats floating around on board such as Ice cream machines so keep your eyes peeled.

Budget for tips

Cruise staff work hard to ensure you have the best holiday and are not paid very much money for doing so.

According to the Huffington Post, many cruise companies recommend each passenger tips between £7-10 a day. Break this down and budget beforehand so this gesture does not set you back on your daily spending.

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