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Google Maps Street View revealed a vicious fight between two people while driving through Australia.

Spotted on a grass patch, one of them was standing on the other, with his foot on the back of his neck.

The person on top was topless with his hand on his hip, looking triumphant.

The other was on the floor fully clothed, looking defeated.

Thankfully not all is as it seems when it came to the angry battle.

The fight was between two young boys who appear to have been play-fighting.

What caused the fight isn’t disclosed but there was a clear winner as the other lay down on his front.

His arms were tucked under him submissively and had no way of escaping.

It can be assumed that their parent was the woman getting out of the car on the side of the road.

A little girl had her hand on her head near the fight and was thought to be family.

Fights are often caught on Google Maps, although frustratingly the cause of the arguments are never revealed.

Two women were spotted fighting on the streets of Russia in an argument.

One of them appeared to have grabbed the other woman’s hair, pulling her along by it.

She failed to escape from her grips as another man watched on.

By the end they both walked off, seemingly resolved in their argument.

Another two young women fighting were spotted in Russia outside a restaurant.

They were deep in argument and grappled at each other’s arms.

The fight turned brutal with one girl bending over in an attempt to escape the other’s clutches.

They both gave up and left together in the same direction after they stopped hitting each other.

The distance between them, however, suggested it wasn’t fully resolved.

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